We provide solutions for financing your new purchase!

Are you going to make a new purchase for your business? We provide solutions for smart financing solutions through leasing, renting and loans.

Why PreFinance?

With several years of experience from financing and invoice financing we are able to offer you as a supplier increased revenue and a solid partnership. We also offer you as a supplier financing solutions such as leasing, rent, company loans and invoice credit if you are in the process of developing your business further.

Our Services

Leasing & Rent

What is common in almost all industries is that investments are required for companies to continue to develop and be prosperous. Leasing and rent are popular ways to finance investments as it comes with many advantages for you and your company.

Customer financing

Do you as a supplier strive to get more business and be able to offer your clients and winning payment solutions such as leasing? Become a partner to PreFinance for us to help you with customer financing.


Invoice financing

Invoice financing help your company stabalise the financial gap between supplier invoices and customer invoices so that your company gets stable liquidity. This means e.g. that your staff can get paid and that you can act on business opportunities without having to wait for your pending invoices to be paid.

Business loan

A business loan is a form of external business financing that you can use for several purposes, for example to hire staff, buy/rent premises or invest in marketing. Many entrepreneurs also use business loans to strengthen cash flow during periods of temporary liquidity shortages.

PreFinance Sweden AB is located in central Gothenburg, but with the whole of Sweden as our workplace.

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